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Gone are the days when you have to go to a coding school so you could build a professional-looking website. Most web builders today offer a wide range of templates categorized into different industries and themes. And to further make your life a breeze, many of them also have simple drag-and-drop features so you can place contents like text, videos, and images with much ease. If you’re a side hustler or a bootstrapping solopreneur, take note that there are affordable web builders on the market that provide basic-to-advanced features and 24/7 customer support and technical maintenance work.

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Weebly is a popular web builder noted for its easy-to-use tools, including its drag-and-drop interface. Overall, it doesn’t require a steep learning curve thanks to its intuitive features, although some advanced users may find the layouts quite rigid.

While it offers fewer template designs compared to some of its competitors, they are categorized into blog, personal, online store, business, and event, which means you can still find something that suits your needs.

If you will need a large website, i.e., housing more than 100 pages, Weebly is arguably the best web builder on the market thanks to its impeccable navigation tools.




Despite being a bit less flexible in terms of design templates, Wix’s editor is impeccably easy to use that even a complete novice will have no problem navigating the system. However, it comes with one major caveat: It doesn’t handle well large websites, i.e., housing more than 30 pages, because of navigation issue and the editor’s propensity to slow down as you load more pages.

But thanks to some of its saving graces that include automatic site backup, integration with hundreds of website apps, and ability to animate texts and other elements, this builder remains a popular choice among side giggers and startup entrepreneurs.



Namecheap.com hosted WP

Namecheap.com is great for hosting small websites and has carved itself out as a reliable domain registrar. But because it is not really focused on WordPress solutions, you must expect a fairly generic system and thus you may want to pick other hosting solutions such as InMotion Hosting or SiteGround that are known for constantly tweaking their setup to meet WP’s latest updates.

Despite some glitches with Namecheap.com hosted WP, at least it provides decent domain solutions, affordable SSL certificates, excellent uptime, and unmetered bandwidth even with the cheapest plans. Hence, this has become a popular choice of side hustlers and small business organizations.

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Although Squarespace is not too focused on e-commerce like Shopify, it still offers this technology that can be integrated into its web templates. Thus, it is a popular choice of side hustlers and startup entrepreneurs who sell physical, service, and digital products.

In a nutshell, this website publishing platform allows you to create a professional-looking site even if you have no coding skill thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive content management system. On top of this, you can access a large number of royalty free images that you can add to your site.