Outsourcing Services

If you’re a startup entrepreneur or side gigger, outsourcing services can be a lifesaver as it can help you focus more on the core functions of your business, which is the key to your sustainable growth. Furthermore, you get to access expertise without breaking the bank. According to recent surveys, outsourcing can help you slash your cost by an average of 50-60 percent. This is particularly true for small business organizations and side giggers who need infrastructure that requires regular maintenance, a burden that outsourcing can eliminate.

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Virtual Assistants

As a side hustler, you may know the feeling of spreading yourself too thin. Fortunately, hiring the right assistant means that someone can perform those relatively mundane but time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the most critical aspects of your side business.

Contrary to popular belief, the right virtual assistant not just lets you run your side gig smoothly, but he or she also helps you run your life with very little glitch. For instance, your assistant can book your flight, send a thank-you note to your client, and perform pretty much any personal tasks at hand.



Software Development

If you’re launching a startup or a side hustle, the right software, app, or website can make or break your business. Contrary to popular belief, software development is not just the actual writing of codes. After all, its designs should be in line with your goals, scope of operation, industry, and other similar key elements.

Before you shop around for you software developer, it is a sacrosanct rule to first identify what your side gig needs, particularly the issues and solutions that will help you increase your profit and expand your business.

Furthermore, the right software developer understands your business needs and provides excellent after-sale services and maintenance.



Web Design & Development

You can outsource this service to a web development company or a freelancer, which both come with pros and cons. For instance, a freelancer typically charges lower fees than a company, although the latter might give you better quality and reliability.

The key to finding the “right” web developer is to know your issues and goals so they can create a website that is in line with your business needs. For instance, some companies and freelancers specialize in mobile development, while others are more focused on the web design elements.



Video Editing & Production

A lot of startup companies and side hustlers found success after their videos went viral. Some were a fortuitous feat, while others involved a meticulous plan of action. But if you want to increase the odds of your success, look for a web development company that has an extensive professional portfolio and is known for their creative and engaging videos.

If budget permits, it is generally ideal to hire a professional team to do your video production because they have the technology and experience to conceive engaging videos.




In general, outsourcing administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting allows side hustlers like you manage their business more efficiently and more competitively. A chartered accountant might be your best bet, although small business organizations might prefer a third-party bookkeeping service provider.

Bookkeeping and accounting involve nitty-gritty details that most side giggers need guidance from professionals who can help them create financial reports that meet regulatory and compliance standards.